Winning Presentation for August 6, 2014
Hands of Hope
 Presented by: Amy Whipple

Hands of Hope is a non-profit organization working to help provide both tangible and non-tangible needs to children in the metro Detroit area.  We assist existing children’s organizations (ie., Lifebuilders, Power Company Kids, House of Providence, Big Family of MI, and more) by helping to provide needed materials, funding, food, and hands on assistance.  We can’t change the circumstances that thousands of children are born and raised in…poverty, abuse, neglect, sickness and abandonment.  However, we can make a difference with a smile, hug, holiday treats, warm meals, tutoring and filling needs so more children don’t end up in foster care. We partner with other non-profits and work to fill their gaps by offering volunteers, supplies, food, and by providing funding assistance for various programs.  Our goal is to simply provide a smile on the face of a child in need…one at a time.  100% of the funding goes directly toward our mission.  Amount to be donated $16,000 *Total amount raised reflects 100% participation.  160 members as of 8/06/2014