Winning Presentation for June 5, 2013

The New Day Foundation for Families
Presented by: Gina Kell Spehn

 As of June 20, 2013 we were able to steer $10,000 to the foundation because we have 100 committed women!

The New Day Foundation for Families is a community and family focused 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2007 to sustain families (with children under 18 in the home) who have been affected by the devastating realities of cancer. The purpose of this foundation is to provide hope and assistance by reducing the often forgotten financial, emotional, and practical burdens that plague parents and children in the midst of a medical crisis. 


New Day works directly with Beaumont Hospital social workers to serve the families with the greatest need in our community. Two critical programs, Families First and the Single Parent program, help families cover household expenses (mortgage, auto, insurances, utilities, etc), childcare costs, cleaning services, counseling and household repairs. The Care Pack program also provides grocery and fuel cards, along with school supplies, clothing and other basic necessities. The need for these services is vital as 62% of all bankruptcies in the US are the result of medical bills, most of which are cancer related (Steven Brill, Time Magazine, March 2013).