Power Company Kids Club
Presented by: Haley Noonan
Power Company Kids Club

The Power Company Kids Club serves the inner-city children of Pontiac and Detroit by empowering them to become leaders in their own communities. The Power Company reaches more than 1,200 children each week. The children are picked up with a fleet of buses to bring them to a safe and warm environment at the Power Company’s Children’s Center to participate in a dynamic leadership training program and receive a hot meal. All transportation and programming is free of charge for the children and their families. The Power Company is committed to meeting the most pressing needs of growing children. We feed every child who attends our programs, including our Saturday Sessions, weeknight leadership development, Summer Leadership Academy, Power in the Park, and our Friday night programs for teen leaders. The Power Company Kids Club gives the children hope, and equips them to be the leaders of the next generation.

Oakland County Sheriff PAL
Presented by: Jennifer Lucarelli

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Police Athletic League (PAL) Program is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard in 2015. Sheriff PAL is a dynamic collaboration between the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, the Oakland County Health Division, the Healthy Pontiac, We Can! coalition, Oakland University, Woodside Bible Church and Dream Center of Pontiac, the City of Pontiac, and other faith-based and/or community partners. PAL was established with the goal of creating a safe environment where law enforcement and community partners empower young people to reach their full potential through athletics, mentoring, and enrichment programs. We provide FREE recreational sports and other extracurriculars for youth ages 5-17. The main goal of our programs is to promote self-confidence, sportsmanship, teamwork, academic achievement, and encourage youth to become functional, respectful, and engaged members of society. Our goal is to not only foster relationships with our participants, but also with the PAL parents and families.

Mary’s Mantle
Presented by: Joan Sunne

Mary’s Mantle is a Catholic residential program for homeless expectant women.
We witness the love of Christ by promoting the dignity of life.
We provide a safe, faith-based, and caring environment that supports the transition into motherhood, including extended aftercare for continued personal growth and integration into the community.
We focus on the spiritual, emotional, physical, educational, and vocational
well-being of mother and child.

Kensington Church – Full Throttle Program
Presented by: Leslie Sheidler
Full Throttle Auto Provision and Repair (kensingtonchurch.org)

Connecting men to a deeper relationship with God through shared interest in automotive hobbies & using our talents and passion to serve those struggling financially via car refurbishing, giveaways and car repairs.  This team of volunteers work out of a shop in Troy, MI to fix, repair and rebuild cars for people who do not have dependable transportation.  Their passionate work puts the wheels in motion to help people have reliable and safe transportation.
With transportation, people in need are able to commit to a job and save money for other essential expenses. They are truly changing the cycle of poverty for the recipients of their support.

Women of Tomorrow
Presented by: Megan Grattan

The Women of Tomorrow mission is to inspire, motivate and empower at-risk young women to live up to their full potential through a
unique group mentoring program with highly accomplished professional women and scholarship opportunities.
Amount donated: $19,800

Angels of Hope
Presented by: Lorri DeAngelis

Angels of Hope’s mission is to provide critical support to Michigan families directly impacted by cancer.
Our goal is to help ease the burden caused by the disease, its treatment and its devastating effects – both financial and emotional.
Amount donated: $20,350

Corner Shower Laundry
Presented by: Sue Buratto
Corner Shower and Laundry

It all started when a diverse group of volunteers helping out at Manna Community Meals saw an opportunity to provide additional services to the Manna Meal guests.
This group of volunteers joined together to create the vision of providing those in need with a means to a fresh start. Corner Shower and Laundry was “born” and quickly developed a mission to build and
operate clean and safe shower and laundry facilities and services where the homeless and others in need in our community can shower and launder their clothes.
Amount donated: $20,300 

Wish Upon A Teen
Presented by: Michelle Denno

Wish Upon a Teen is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing resources, time and opportunities to teenagers with severe life-limiting medical conditions.
Through creative, social, and educational opportunities, our goal is to normalize their environment and rebuild their self-esteem as they transition to adulthood.

Wish Upon a Teen’s founder, Michelle Soto, has an extensive background as a Child Life Specialist caring for children and teenagers.  Through this experience, she learned that the particular needs of teens are often overlooked within the medical community.  The combination of normal teenage stressors along with the impact of a severe life-limiting medical condition or injury can make the transition to adulthood extremely challenging.
Wish Upon a Teen provides ongoing support, age-appropriate programs and a variety of fun events to teenagers throughout the United States.

Amount donated: $20,00

Meals On Wheels
Presented by: Cathy Donohoe

OPC’s Meals on Wheels program  is designed for seniors unable to shop and/or prepare meals. MOW allows a senior to age in place, encouraging independence for those who wish to
remain in their home for as long as possible. OPC’s MOW Program is more than a meal. Volunteers provide a wellness check in addition to delivering a hot, nutritious meal to homebound seniors.
There is no waiting list, and meals are received within 24 hours of request.  Please view the video below on OPC’s Meals on Wheels Program.
Amount donated: $20,700 

Assistance League of SE Michigan
Presented by: Judy McWhirter
Assault Survivor Kits | Assistance League – Southeastern Michigan

The ASK program provides personal kits for children and adult survivors of abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence whose clothing was destroyed by the perpetrator or retained by the police for evidence. The Assault Survivor Kits include a new top, pants, underwear, socks/flip-flops, sports bra, a bar of soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, shampoo, and a stuffed animal for children. Assistance League’s members purchase items, assemble, and deliver the kits to trauma centers. Since 1994, 20,304 survivors benefited.  In 2019-20, 1,318 survivors received kits at 42 trauma centers.
Amount donated: $20,100 

Power Company Kids Club
Presented by: Amy Whipple

In light of COVID-19, the Power Company has taken its leadership training online. The Team Leaders are communicating with the children and their families via phone, text message, or email, to ensure their basic needs are met. Because Power Company is so embedded in the neighborhoods, the Team Leaders are the ones many reach out to first for help. The Power Company is providing emergency food relief, and doing contact-less drop offs of food on porches, particularly in Detroit where many do not have transportation to get to food pantries or access other resources. The Power Company has witnessed mothers crying with gratitude to see food dropped off, because they needed it so desperately.  Our donation will be matched at 100% by an anonymous donor.
Amount to be donated: $21,000 (w/ match $42,000)

Catholic Community Response Team (CCRT)
Presented by: Barbara Williams

CCRT was thrilled to be the February recipient from 100 Women Who Care. The funds received will be used for two current programs:
1.) The Women’s housing assistance Program which helps female head of household families with Security Deposits and Eviction Prevention funds. 2.) The Sleeptight Program which provides beds for children who are sleeping on the floor. 3.) Some funding may be reserved for new initiatives determined during our current strategic planning process.
Amount to be donated: $21,400

HOPE, Inc.
Presented by: Linda Romito


HOPE, Inc. was founded in 1998 as a community response to a homeless person freezing to death in downtown Pontiac, Michigan. Since this time, the center has provided emergency shelter for individuals struggling with homelessness in northern Oakland County, turning no person away.
HOPE is committed to serving Pontiac’s homeless population through two distinct yet complementary programs, Adult Shelter Program and our newest venture, Recuperative Care Center. In both of these programs our mission is the same- to help those in need of safe shelter and support services without judgment.
Amount Donated: $23,000

Winning Presentation for August 20, 2019
Hope Against Trafficking
Presented by: Barbara Rausch

Hope Against trafficking is a 24-month residential program that provides restorative housing and comprehensive services focused on physical, mental, emotional and economic transformation. This dedicated housing and programming is committed to serving adult female survivors of sex and labor trafficking induced by threat, force and/or coercion. In addition to two restorative homes for survivors, Hope Against Trafficking is dedicated to helping the community become aware of the prevalence of this horrible crime, educate those who could be at risk and help others identify victims to bring them back to safety.
Amount Donated: $23,300

Winning Presentation for May 14, 2019
Women of Tomorrow – Detroit
Presented by: Leslie Sheidler


Mission: The Women of Tomorrow mission is to inspire, motivate and empower at-risk young women to live up to their full potential through a unique group mentoring program with highly accomplished professional women and scholarship activities.

Their Story: Women of Tomorrow engages highly accomplished professional women as mentors in a small group setting. We operate in partnership with public school districts; all activities are held during the school day, under the auspices of the school district. The schools select at-risk girls for participation based on a broad definition of “at-risk” including low income, abuse, disability, likelihood of dropping out of high school, becoming involved in gangs, drugs, criminal activity, getting pregnant or academic, social, behavioral, medical or other risk factors. Each group is diverse in its composition with girls in 9th – 12th grade who have varying strengths and weaknesses so they can learn from and empower each other. Girls in the program typically do not know each other prior to joining the group.
Amount donated: $25,100

Winning Presentation for January 22, 2019
Center for Success – Pontiac Location
Presented by: Deb Owen


The Center for Success Network is a nonprofit organization committed to impacting youth in underserved areas through education and exposure to social interactions and activities. We believe that if we impact the next generation, we change our future.  The Center for Success provides after school, academic focused, individualized mentoring and tutoring for elementary and through high school students at no cost. Students are evaluated to determine their levels of literacy, math and other areas of learning. If a student is behind in any area (Word Analysis, Fluency, Comprehension, Math, Grammar, etc), or struggling at grade level in school, they are encouraged to join our program. We also provide parenting classes, computer trainings and other educational based programs for families. Amount donated: $24,900

Winning Presentation for November 20, 2018
St. John Fisher Chapel Outreach – Herrington Elementary School
Presented by: Mary Fizzell 

One of St. John Fisher Chapel’s community outreach programs is to serve the children at Herrington Elementary School in Pontiac.  Mary Fizzell, the presenter, has been volunteering in the Kindergarten classes for 12 years.  The three Kindergarten classrooms do not have the appropriate sized desks and furniture.  Not having comfortable desks makes it even more challenging to learn, under already difficult circumstances. Our funds will be used to outfit all three Kindergarten classrooms with new furniture!
Amount donated: $25,100

Winning Presentation for August 21, 2018
Gary Burnstein Medical Clinic
Presented by: Ashley Samson-O’Connor

In 1997, after working 20 years as a cardiologist, Dr. Gary Burnstein began providing care for patients at a homeless shelter in Pontiac, Michigan. Dr. Burnstein passed away in 2003, but friends, family, and community members honored his dream of providing care to the uninsured by establishing the Dr. Gary Burnstein Community Health Clinic (GBCHC). Dr. Burnstein’s dream of providing free medical care for those in need began in a closet at the shelter, and grew into a small rented facility in Pontiac.

The Clinic has since moved into a brand new, state-of-the-art facility that allows us to treat more patients, train more physicians and pharmacists, and to reach the broader community in ways never before possible. With expanded office hours, a new dental suite, and the capacity for sustained community education programs, the GBCHC is positioned to have a larger impact on a very deserving community.
Amount donated: $25,900

Winning Presentation for January 23, 2018
The Roman James Foundation
Presented by: Maria Udicki

The Roman James Foundation was created to serve families who have lost a child in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) in Metro Detroit.  Regardless of the length of the time your child spent in the NICU, RJF will assist families with the direct costs for burial or cremation.  No parent should ever have to plan for the cost of laying their child to rest, and The Roman James Foundation wants to take that burden from grieving NICU families.

The aim of The Roman James Foundation is to help as many families as possible.  As such, applicants will be served in the order in which requests are received, and assistance will not be based on financial capability.  Loss is equally painful for financially stable or financially struggling families, and thus we look to share the burden of burial with each family regardless of financial standing.
Amount donated: $28,800

Winning Presentation for November 14, 2017
Gifts for All God’s Children
Presented by: Patti Jacques

Gifts For All God’s Children Mission is to meet needs and share the love of Christ with at-risk children in Southeast Michigan. We accomplish this by connecting children with churches and community organizations, giving gifts, and planning events. GFAGC brings year round programs and events to help our partners engage within their community. Each program and event is designed to connect kids and their families with Christ. Gifts For All God’s Children provides: Individualized Tutoring/Mentoring, Summer Bible Camps, Overnight Camp Scholarships, Field Trips, Transportation to Sports Camps, Connecting Kids to Christ (CKC) Center, Prayer Partners for the Children, School Aid or School Supply Collection, School Uniforms, and Shoes 2 Success. Since 1988, more than 61,000 at-risk children have received gifts provided by our volunteers and donors. Each gift is coordinated with parties and events. Children and families have an opportunity to connect with the community organization and learn more about the love of Christ.
Amount donated: $27,800

Winning Presentation for August 15, 2017
Soar Detroit
Presented by: Emily Stadt

Soar Detroit was founded in 1999 by Doug Kempton, at that time operating under the name of Eagle Sports Club. With a strong passion to reach Detroit families with the gospel, Eagle Sports Club launched it’s first soccer league at Balduck Park with just over 60 kids and a heart to build life-changing relationships with urban youth.

What started as 65 playing soccer in the Spring became 145 in the Fall, with participation growing from there. Soon after there were nearly 2,000 kids playing sports in a given year, with leagues now including baseball, flag football, and indoor and outdoor soccer. Throughout these years of growth, Soar Detroit was able to bring huge improvements to Balduck Park, including the UAW Ford Championship baseball field, state of the art lights, scoreboard, irrigation, and batting/pitching cages.

In 2005, the team introduced Soar, a literacy program for kids on Detroit’s east side, with just 15 students.  Since then the program has served about 150 kids per year, with each child’s reading improving by an average of 2 grade levels in each year of tutoring.

In 2016, based on the proven results of the existing programs, Doug and the board agreed it was time to grow the programs and impact of the organization.  At the same time, churches around the Detroit area began meeting intentionally to consider how to best work together for the good of their city in light of the 50th anniversary of the Detroit uprisings in 2017.  The timing was perfect.  Soar Detroit hired a new leader, Matt Mancinelli, who is passionate about serving Detroit and is equipped to take the organization to the next level.  Amount donated: $26,500

Winning Presentation for April 11, 2017
Teacher’s Pet
Presented by: Nicole Pawlowski-Herr

Teacher’s Pet is an intervention program that pairs troubled youth with hard-to-adopt shelter dogs for a multi-week workshop in positive, reward-based dog training and behavior modification in an effort to make the dogs more adoptable. Teacher’s Pet meets twice a week, two hours a day at many schools and juvenile facilities across Macomb and Oakland counties.

Mission Statement The mission of Teacher’s Pet is to empower at-risk youth to improve in the areas of empathy, patience, impulse control, perseverance and hope. Participants are paired with hard-to-adopt rescue dogs for positive, reward-based dog training to increase the dogs’ chances of becoming adopted and remaining in their homes permanently.
Amount donated: $26,400

Winning Presentation for January 17, 2017
Catholic Community Response Team (CCRT)
Presented by: Barbara Williams

The Catholic Community Response Team was founded in 2004 by the Pontiac Area Vicariate to provide direct referral and support services to those with crisis needs. They also work to build a permanent bridge between two populations who live in close proximity, but whose life experiences are worlds apart: those in crisis with urgent, unmet needs (primarily in the Pontiac area), and volunteers wanting to live out their faith through the works of charity and justice

In CCRT’s 10-year history, the organization has served over 5,000 people.  100% of all donations and grants (excluding an Operating Grant from the Archdiocese of Detroit) have gone directly to client services. These services include food, clothing, shelter assistance and utility support.
Amount donated: $25,900

Winning Presentation for November 9, 2016
New Day Foundation for Families
Presented by: Gina Kell Spehn

MISSION STATEMENT: To have a positive impact on treatment outcomes and survivorship by reducing the catastrophic effects of financial toxicity caused by a cancer diagnosis. We accomplish our mission by offering financial assistance and emotional support programs to cancer patients and their families.
Amount donated: $25,200

Winning Presentation for August 16, 2016
Turning Point – Prevention Education Program
Presented by: Leslie Sheidler

Turning Point is dedicated to the development of model programs that address the root causes of domestic and sexual violence. The Prevention Education Program targets youth, the most “at risk” group for sexual assault and dating violence with information and resources.

Our philosophy is to work toward ending the use of violence as a means of oppressing and controlling others, and endorses the concept of helping people assume power over their lives.

Turning Point serves the community by educating about the dynamics of domestic violence and sexual assault, and as a voice advocating for the people we serve. Turning Point is dedicated to the development and promotion of model programs that address the root causes of violence, and to the enhancement of the quality of life for present and future generations.
Amount donated: $24,600

Winning Presentation for May 11, 2016
Blessings in a Backpack
Presented by: Camille Doerr

Blessings In a Backpack is a “neighbor-helping-neighbor” program that is designed to help meet the nutritional needs of children and families.

Each week, volunteers, in cooperation with school officials, distribute backpacks filled with enough non-perishable food for the weekend (six meals) to “at-risk” students.  These students are participants in the government subsidized free or reduced fee hot lunch program.

The goal of the Blessings in a Backpack program is to keep these students from going hungry on the weekends and remove barriers to academic success.

The founder of Blessings in a Backpack went from “Poverty to Harvard.”  She wrote a book called “Breaking Night” by Liz Murray.  Her story is extraordinary.
Amount donated: $23,200

Winning Presentation for January 20, 2016
Dutton Farm Presented by: Debra Anderson
Dutton Farm 

Our purpose is to bring support to individuals with a physical, mental or emotional impairment by assisting them in a loving and secure environment through activities that are designed to meet the wide range of abilities of the people that we serve. We strive to develop a sense of accomplishment in our students, bring support to their families and inspire our community. Who Do We Serve?  We serve individuals with a mental, physical or emotional impairment ages 10 and up through our Day Program. We also provide support, comfort and practical help to their families and case workers.

Dutton Farm’s mission incorporates three primary goals:

  1. To provide a QUALITY Vocational and Daily Living Skills program to individuals with a variety of special needs to be productive and active members of the community.
  2. To promote a safe environment that fosters spiritual, emotional, physical and mental growth.
  3. To inspire our community to embrace all individuals with disabilities without stigmas or skepticism.
    Amount donated: $20,900

Winning Presentation for November 10, 2015
Power Company Kids Club

Presented by: Amy Whipple
Power Company Kids Club

Each week, hundreds of children are transported (free of charge) to a safe and warm environment at the Power Company’s Children’s Center in Pontiac, where they enjoy an hour and a half of action-packed fun and games, and a time of focused, directional teaching covering topics such as staying in school, saying no to drugs, and eliminating racism. Every child is visited weekly in their home by his or her Team Leader, allowing for deep and meaningful relationships to be established. The Power Company goes even further, and also provides after-school leadership training, college scholarships, emergency clothing and food provision, and thousands of Christmas gifts to underprivileged children.  Since 1993, The Power Company Kids Club has been committed to equipping the children of our inner-cities to become leaders of the next generation.
Amount donated: $20,100

Winning Presentation for August 11, 2015
God’s Helping Hands  
Presented by: Robin Tashjian
God’s Helping Hands

God’s Helping Hands is a community outreach coordinated by the churches of Christ. The organization is a 501c3 dedicated to providing free food and clothing to those in need. Since it began in 1998, we have been able to help meet the needs of families in Oakland, Macomb, and Lapeer counties, along with other counties in Southeast Michigan with clothing and food. With God’s guidance and the help of agencies we have been able to help thousands of families. Our prayer is that when everyone works together we can make a difference.  Anyone can receive help from us – church members, non-church members, and community people alike.
Amount donated $19,200

Winning Presentation for May 13, 2015
|Rochester Area Neighborhood House – Shelter Program
Presented by: Kay Smith
Rochester Area Neighborhood House 

Rochester Area Neighborhood House Inc., is a nonprofit human service organization founded by communities of faith in 1968, assists our neighbors during times of hardship. We partner with the community and other social service providers to help those neighbors toward self-sufficiency.

Sudden job loss, divorce, death of a spouse. Life circumstances can change everything for anyone.  Neighborhood House recognizes the basic need of residents in crisis and responds with emotional and financial assistance. Founded by communities of faith, Neighborhood House believes people helping people is the model of a strong community.

The funds steered at this meeting will be earmarked to support the shelter program.  The Neighborhood House will work with its community clients to avoid evictions and loss of shelter during difficult times.
Amount donated $17,900

Winning Presentation for February 11, 2015

Presented by: Margaret Robertson
Faith Works

FaithWorks is a Christian group of men, women and young adults (high school & college) from the Greater Metro Detroit area who serve God by volunteering to assist people in need. We gather together, in the name of Jesus, to support one another while we support those less fortunate in the communities in which we live.  FaithWorks, based out of Rochester, reviews requests for help from widows, military wives, single moms, and senior citizens. Volunteers help with painting, roof repair and replacement, drywalling, carpentry, electrical and plumbing issues, yard work, deck staining and powerwashing, along with many other services to those who are in need for financial or health limitations.
Amount donated: $17,100

Winning Presentation for November 12, 2014

Presented by: Cathy Donohoe
Sand Castles

SandCastles Grief Support Program is proud to be a part of Henry Ford Hospice.  SandCastles has multiple sites in Southeast Michigan.   SandCastle’s mission is to help children and their families who are grieving the death of someone loved. SandCastles offers year round grief support groups at no charge to families. Right now, more than 450 children and adults are participating in our SandCastles program. SandCastles provides a caring place for children, teens and their families who have experienced a death, to share their loss and journey through grief in a safe and supportive environment. SandCastles offers grief support groups, an annual weekend camp and community education and awareness.  All funds donated by the 100 Women Who Care were steered to programs supporting the Rochester site.
Amount donated: $16,400

Winning Presentation for August 6, 2014
Hands of Hope

Presented by: Amy Whipple

Hands of Hope is a non-profit organization working to help provide both tangible and non-tangible needs to children in the metro Detroit area.  We assist existing children’s organizations (ie., Lifebuilders, Power Company Kids, House of Providence, Big Family of MI, and more) by helping to provide needed materials, funding, food, and hands on assistance.  We can’t change the circumstances that thousands of children are born and raised in…poverty, abuse, neglect, sickness and abandonment.  However, we can make a difference with a smile, hug, holiday treats, warm meals, tutoring and filling needs so more children don’t end up in foster care. We partner with other non-profits and work to fill their gaps by offering volunteers, supplies, food, and by providing funding assistance for various programs.  Our goal is to simply provide a smile on the face of a child in need…one at a time.  100% of the funding goes directly toward our mission.
Amount donated: $16,500

Winning Presentation for May 14, 2014
The Baldwin Center
Presented by: Jennifer Lucarelli


The Baldwin Center’s mission is to feed, clothe, educate and empower the men, women and children of the Pontiac community. We are a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.  The Center has been serving our neighbors since 1981 and currently offers more than 25 support programs that meet basic needs, offer assistance in a crisis, provide education and enrichment opportunities for adults and children, and serve as a safety net.  We envision people of all ages and cultures sharing the belief that they can create and shape how they live and grow within the community.
Amount donated: $15,800

Winning Presentation for February 2, 2014
Catholic Community Response Team (CCRT)
Presented by: Judy Dignam

The Catholic Community Response Team was founded in 2004 by the Pontiac Area Vicariate to provide direct referral and support services to those with crisis needs. They also work to build a permanent bridge between two populations who live in close proximity, but whose life experiences are worlds apart: those in crisis with urgent, unmet needs (primarily in the Pontiac area), and volunteers wanting to live out their faith through the works of charity and justice

In CCRT’s 10-year history, the organization has served over 5,000 people.  100% of all donations and grants (excluding an Operating Grant from the Archdiocese of Detroit) have gone directly to client services. These services include food, clothing, shelter assistance and utility support.
Amount donated: $15,200

Winning Presentation for October 9, 2013
The Assistance League of Southeast Michigan – Operation School Bell
Presented by: Cindy Guerrieri

Operation School Bell, a program within the Assistance League of SE Michigan, provides new school clothing and supplies for elementary students. Members and community volunteers set-up “a store” in designated schools on scheduled days helping children choose a winter coat, hat, gloves, pants, tops, (uniforms for specified public schools), underwear, socks, hygiene kit, book, duffel bag, and a shoe voucher. Members also help middle school students shop for clothing local stores.  Students are selected by the school districts.

Since 1995, 19,850 students in local public schools have benefited from the Operation School Bell program with improved self-esteem and school attendance. In 2012-13 Fiscal Year, 2,276 students were recipients.
Amount donated: $13,600

Winning Presentation for June 5, 2013
The New Day Foundation for Families
Presented by: Gina Kell Spehn www.foundationforfamilies.org

The New Day Foundation for Families is a community and family focused 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2007 to sustain families (with children under 18 in the home) who have been affected by the devastating realities of cancer. The purpose of this foundation is to provide hope and assistance by reducing the often forgotten financial, emotional, and practical burdens that plague parents and children in the midst of a medical crisis.

New Day works directly with Beaumont Hospital social workers to serve the families with the greatest need in our community. Two critical programs, Families First and the Single Parent program, help families cover household expenses (mortgage, auto, insurances, utilities, etc), childcare costs, cleaning services, counseling and household repairs. The Care Pack program also provides grocery and fuel cards, along with school supplies, clothing and other basic necessities. The need for these services is vital as 62% of all bankruptcies in the US are the result of medical bills, most of which are cancer related (Steven Brill, Time Magazine, March 2013).
Amount donated: $10,400