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Presentation Information

Presentations should be simple and not overly formal.  When you are ready to present your organization here is a list of topics that you should be prepared to discuss:

1. State your name and the name of the organization you would like to receive funding.

2. Where is the organization located?

3. What is the mission of the organization?

4. What purpose does the organization serve? (Who? What do they do? How do they do it?)

5. How would they benefit from receiving the donation? How will the funds be used?

  • Describe the program that you would like funded.  Provide some background information for program.  Who will it impact?  How many will it impact?
  • How essential is this program – what will our community be missing if this program does not get funded?

6.   What percentage of funds goes directly to their mission?  What percentage goes towards overhead and marketing?

7.   What is the organizations operating budget?  How does the organization sustain their budget (ie., grant support, individual contributions, etc.)

8.   If your organization has a large operating budget, we would recommend that you work closely with the organization to “pitch” a small project where the funds are earmarked and designated.  This would enable the women to feel more invested in the project and feel a sense of ownership/impact.

9.  Confirm that the organization is a recognized 501(c)3?

10. End with a heartfelt ask and a thank you.

*Presenters are given five minutes, followed by a 5 minute Q&A.

**The Founding Members (Barbara Donohoe, Linda Chayka & Amy Whipple) reserve the right to request the winning non-profit’s historical financials and the 990 prior to turning over the funds from the membership.  The Founding members may determine that the organization should not be granted the funds.  While the organization may win the vote, the Founding Members reserve the right to make the final decision on the distribution of funds.


Positive Effects

Power & Excitement

  1. There is an amazing sense of power and excitement in the room. And many women feel as if they have personally written a check for $30K.
  2. Many women are, for the first time, entering the world of philanthropy through this model.  “Philanthropy breeds philanthropy.”
  3. At each meeting, over 100 women in the community are learning about the needs of their neighbors and the agencies and organizations that serve them.
  4. Each organization presented has the opportunity to showcase its projects.  Even if it is not chosen, it has exposure to over 100 women.